Queen Bees

Concord Farms Queen Bees

For availability or to schedule a pick up contact Sarah at 920-988-6540

2022 Mated Queen Bee 

Quantity: 1-5 $40 each

Quantity: 6+ $35 each

About our stock:

Concord Farms will be offering mated queens starting in June 2022.
We will have them available until the end of August. Pick up only from our farm in Sullivan, WI. 
Our queens are bred off of our top producing, overwintered stock, as well as several breeder queens purchased from Jason Bragg at New River Honey Bees. They will be crossbred queens from our Carniolan, Caucasian and Italian lines.

Traits we evaluate when picking our breeder queens include:
         - winter survival
         - honey production
         - gentleness
         - low mite counts
We breed the bees that we want to run in our own operation!