2016 WI nucs for sale

We are sold out of nucs for the 2017 season.  

2017 Price $154 per nuc

A 5 frame nuc consists of:
  • A laying queen that is already accepted by the hive
  • 3 frames of brood in varying stages- eggs, larvae and capped brood
  • 1 frame of honey and/or pollen
  • 1 expansion frame that the bees are drawing and filling with brood and/or honey
 Frames fit into 9 5/8" deep hive bodies and are yours to keep. We do not offer a frame exchage. 
Your nuc will come in a corrugated nuc box that is yours to keep.
Wisconsin pick-up date is usually the first weekend in May, but is weather dependent.
We will inform you two weeks prior to pick-up of exact date and time.
Bees need to be picked up prior to 9am on the day of pick-up.
Please install your bees into your equipment immediately after pick up. 
Bees are delicate livestock and Concord Farms is not responsible for bee loss after pick-up from our location. 
Wisconsin bee Nucs